Storing Tulip Bulbs for Winter

Bulb growing season is over and it is now time to store your delicate bulbs for the winter. Storing tulip bulbs, or any bulbs for that matter is not all that hard, but it must be done a certain way so that you have healthy bulbs come spring time. Here are a few tips on storing your flower bulbs for the winter.

Preparing the bulbs for storage

One thing to remember when caring for and storing delicate bulbs is that there should not be any moisture on the bulbs because it causes them to rot. I cannot stress enough that when you remove them from the ground, gently brush off the dirt. Never use water. You may not have a completely moisture-free bulb when you dig it up, but adding any extra liquid is asking for disaster, so take care to gentle brush off the remaining dirt before storing.

Storing your bulbs for winter

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When you store bulbs you must place them in a container that can breathe. If you have bulbs that are in plastic that you haven’t planted yet, you should remove the plastic wrapping before storing.

Once you have your bulbs brushed clean or you have removed new bulbs from their packaging, it is time to store them. There is nothing fancy about storing bulbs. You can use a cardboard box which works really well.

Place one layer of bulbs in the bottom of the cardboard box. It is very important that the bulbs are spaced far enough apart so they cannot touch each other, they need breathing room. Place newspaper over the first layer and then add another layer of bulbs. I would leave the last top layer covered in newspaper as well. You can leave the box open or you can close it up.

Where to store your winter bulbs

You should store your bulbs in a cool dry place. Remember, moisture is a no-no when it comes to storing your bulbs. You can put them in your basement if it is not damp, or you can just put them on the top shelf of a closet in your house. Check on the bulbs at least once a month and remove any bulb that is rotting or feels mushy.

Spring blooming bulbs

You can store spring blooming bulbs in the garage if you have the room. You can also store them in your refrigerator. Bulbs that bloom in the spring, and tulip bulbs are one of those, they need 6 to 8 weeks of cold in order for them to bloom. If you keep them in your fridge, they will be ready to go come spring planting time.

Tulip Care Tips


  1. Krystal says

    i was given a tulip plant that needs to be brought back. all the pedals r gone but the plant is still nice and green. i have always had a “black thumb” how do i care for this plant so that it doesnt die like so many i have had before?

  2. Cynthia says

    Krystal, you can grow your tulip indoors. If the stalks are still green, then your plant is great condition. Tulips don’t need much water once they start to flower. I would recommend that you water it when the top soil feels dry, but just enough water to keep it moist. Never over water a tulip because it may rot the bulb. Put it in sun light, but not where it can get scorched. I think you have a great shot at keeping this fellow alive and blooming. Let us know how you do with it.

    Thanks so much for stopping by!!! :-)

  3. Janice says

    My boyfriend gave some beautiful tulips that are in a pot and are blooming. How do I save them and
    plant them so they will bloom again?

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