Garden Tools That Make Planting Tulip Bulbs Easy

Planting tulip bulbs, or any small bulb for that matter, does not need to be a hard back-breaking job. All you need is a few simple tools that will make planting your garden bulbs easy as pie.


Ergonomic Aluminum Hand Transplanter TrowelA trowel is a small hand-held shovel that is beneficial for planting tulip bulbs in small areas. Since you will probably be on your hands and knees (what we love about gardening!), a trowel will be easier and more efficient for this size of flower bed. You need a trowel that can dig to about six inches. Here is a good one to try: Radius Garden 101 Ergonomic Aluminum Hand Transplanter.

Garden Fork or Spade

A garden fork or a spade will come in handy for tilling the soil, so to speak. You can use these types of tools on small to medium flower beds with ease. Dig up the soil to about 6 inches deep, you could use a Radius Garden 203 PRO Ergonomic Stainless Steel Digging Fork. That should give you plenty of depth to plant your tulip bulbs. Once the soil is loosened, someone can follow behind you with a tool called a Dibber.

Bulb Dibber

Bulb DibberThe Dibber might be one of the best tools EVER for a bulb gardener to own. Most Dibbers have a T-shaped handle that has a pointed end which pokes holes into the ground so bulbs can be inserted without much effort on your part. The Esschert Design Dibber/Bulb Planter comes highly recommended.

To plant your tulip bulbs using a dibber, you insert the pointed end into the tilled soil, twist back a forth to make a nice hole and remove the tool from the soil. What you now have is a hole the perfect size and shape in which to insert your bulb, pointed side up. Cover the hole with soil and you are done. How cool is that!

Planting tulip bulbs or small bulbs of any kind will be a snap if you have the right tools. Take a look at some or my recommendations. If you can only get one tool, I say go for the dibber. Your tulip garden will look like it took major work, when in fact, using a trowel, spade, garden fork and the dibber made your planting job practically effortless or at least more enjoyable.

Tulip Care Tips

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