Flower Bulbs – Easy Ways to Plant and Grow Bulbs


Double Tulips

Flower bulbs don’t look all that great when you take them out of their packages, but they are one of the most beautiful plants you can grow in your garden. Put that bulb in the ground and with a little warmth and moisture, you have a picture of beauty come spring. The scents, shapes and colors are awe-inspiring to even those who don’t garden.

Bulbs come in many forms such as true bulbs, tubers, rhizomes and corms; tulips, crocus, gladiolus and daffodils are some of the most popular flower bulbs. They can be planted in flowerbeds, containers and some can be forced to grow indoors. You can start them from a bulb or you can replant them from a pot.

Growing bulbs can be really easy. Here are the keys (in simple terms) on how to plant bulbs in your garden.

Bulb Planting Tips

Timing – Plant most bulbs in the fall before the first frost; about a month or so is good.

Area – Plant your flower bulbs where there is good drainage and lots of sunshine.

Planting – Most bulbs are planted about six-inches under ground, in loose soil. Most garden companies will give you the right instructions for your type of bulb.

Placement – Put the flower bulb into the ground with the pointed side facing up towards you.

Here are more tips for successful bulb care and flower growth.

Because flower bulbs are so striking when you look at them, people think they are hard to grow. Not true. Anyone can grow these types of flowers with great success.

Container Gardening

Container gardening is a growing trend because anyone can find room for a container no matter where they live or what kind of yard, deck or patio they have. Here is more information that I have provided if you want to try container bulb gardening.

Bulbs can be grown indoors as long as the growing conditions are similar to outside. You can force bulbs to grow and flower as well. If you have a sunroom, you can go crazy with container gardening!

Flower bulbs are quite possibly the most readily available plant to gardeners. There are so many choices that you can surely find the right one for your soil, growing season and conditions, and you don’t need the best of “green thumbs” to do it.

Tulip Care Tips


  1. Stephanie Caceres says

    Hello Ms. Overfield,

    First of all I have to say I'm truly a beginner, I love tulips and I just received one as a gift. I'm terrified of having it die on me. I received it last week and I've been watering it lightly. It's currently at my desk at work. Over the weekend the petals shriveled up and are falling! Now I'm reading that its not supposed to be watered?? I'm afraid I've killed the poor tulip in my ignorance.

    If there's anything I could do to say it I would appreciate the help

    Best Regards,


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